For the people. By the people.

STELEKON (aka Scott Sorensen)

With personal and professional roots in Southern California, STELEKON’s pop-art influence merges modern imagery with his own highly graphic aesthetic. Adding color and design to the mundane, STELEKON’s subjects are ironic snap shots of the world we live in. Designing and creating new and never before seen ideas, his iconic-pop approach has helped bring depth to the corporate unimaginative and life to the bland masses.

Josh Smith (aka Hydro74)

Based in Orlando, Hydro74 likes to create his own brand of digital chaos. Over the past few years, he has contributed art and graphics to a variety of established companies in and out of action sports, including DK Bicycles, Burton Snowboards, Burton, Lucas Films, Levi’s and Supra.
Website: Hydro74

James Benson (aka MFNTIMEBOMB)

MFNTIMEBOMB is an artist/designer from the pacific northwest. Merging color and simple design aesthetics, James pushes the boundries of apparel design to what he sees fit. MFNTIMEBOMB is all about dun and color in a world all his own. Having gone to "art" school he's has left the degree behind to blaze a path all his own.

Chris Gaylor

Chris Gaylor is a design sorcerer with cool magic design skills and shit. Not fairy magic, but cool Luke Skywalker force magic. A southern California native Chris is currently residing with your mom in New York. Peace.
Portfolio: Chris Gaylor

Tyson Claycamp

Tyson, a well know artist and explosives expert, is a San Diego native with creative roots in the action sports industry. Over the past few years Tyson has done art and design work for brands such as Dragon, Adio shoes, One Industries and helped agencies such as Mad Media and Soup Graphix, Tyson, a gun for hire, does all types of work including illustration, design, product design and fine art.
Email: Tyson Claychamp

Matt Trny

As a Professional Graphic Designer and Artist living in East County, San Diego. Matt's creative time is split between doing Design, Fine Art, and running Brand New Intention –a Blog and T-shirt line. While attending Sunset High School in Beaverton, Oregon (just minutes away from the NIKE campus) He fell in love with Sneaker Aesthetics and the Art of the Graphic T-shirt. Matt has enjoyed working with many great companies and individuals including Adidas, Andy Howell, Bob Haro, Burton Snowboards, Dave Kinsey, Grenade Gloves, Jeff Staple, Shepard Fairey, Soup Graphix, Reebok, Rob Dyrdek, Shirts & Skins, and Toolshed Sports to name a few.
Portfolio: Turney Creative
Blog/Shop: Brand New Intention

Chris Dunlop (aka Pin Stripe Chris)

Chris is an accomplished artist best known for his Sharpie Art Cars. Chris began as an airbrush artist/custom painter that later picked up pinstriping and sharpie art. Many of the cars Chris has customized have been featured in publications on Yahoo!, MSN, Sharpie, AutoBlog, LSX Tv, as well as numerous others. He’s spent the past several years developing his skills at custom paint shops around the country and now resides in California. Chris is a devoted artist that loves what he does and spends much of his time practicing his art, but also loves to skateboard and spend time with his wife, Caitlin.
Website: Pinstripe Chris

Stan Strocher

Stan is a native Californian from San Jose. Has been an illustrator and graphic designer for over 25 years. Stan has a passion for clean design and thoughtful typography. An old school skater who also runs Bahne Skateboards.
Website: Soul Studio

Brian Shields (aka Drips 18)

A Southern California born and bred artist laying creative roots in Las Vegas, the city of transplants. Most times Brian can be found designing for the MX community by day and feeding his creative beast on some personal projects, by night. Armed with relentless enthusiasm, a head full of fresh ideas and nothing to lose, Brian tackles each project with a vengeance.
Website: Drips18

Tyson Taumoe

San Diego native now a well respected tattoo artist and illustrator living in Las Vegas, NV. Drawing influence from his Samoan heritage and blending it with his creative contemporary illustration skills, Tyson crafts a style all his own.
Portfolio: Tyson Taumoe